I’m like a one who plays the drums
Not from the printed page
But as the inspiration comes,
And be…

Disorder (2)

I’ve tried to shift the load I bear
And yet it hasn’t budged;
I feel both anguish and despair
At being…


And, as I stand in front of those
I’ve made the choice to face,
All trace of peace and calmness goes,
And panic…


There was a time I craved success
With every nerve and sinew.
But now I couldn’t want it less.
And long…


It’s not enough to want to win;
You have to get the breaks
And tolerate the critics’ din
At all…


It’s not a matter of great greed
Of anything unpleasant,
But, in the future, I shall need
More money…


Despite my having no belief
In what I’m living for,
I’m anyway consumed by grief
For those…

Knowing (3)

No sooner do I say
That everything is one
Than bars obstruct my way
And clouds…

Your Eyes

I only saw your eyes,
But that was all it took
To make me realise
The way…


And heaven’s not a place in time
Where souls go after death;
Instead, it’s something more sublime:
A cloud…