And, when I turn to look at me,
I bare my teeth and growl
And think, with such a sight to see,
That even…


And, where I learned the things I “know”,
I find it hard to say –
Between the mists of long ago
And somewhere…

Your Beauty

Although you went in search of truth
And travelled near and far,
Nobody in your very youth
Expressed how…


And, even if I took a break
From old, established ways,
I’m in no doubt that I’d still take
The time…

Your Writing

And, though you think you’ll never speak
As golden poets do,
That doesn’t mean your voice is weak
Or you


And, when I think, I think of you
And all your many charms:
Your eyes that sparkle like the dew,
Your warm…


And do you watch the way I eat
And pick up every crumb?
Or do you see me scratch my feet
And ask…


When all your structures are in place
And all the pills used up,
You’ll settle in a state of grace
Like water…

Your Taste

And drinking down a draught of you
Reminds me of these things:
A summer morning’s sparkling dew,
The wine…

Full-Moon Fever

And, when the moon is full
(And even when it’s not),
I feel its ancient pull
On everything…