The Insurance Man

Certain traits are immutable: the indifference to football, for example – or soccer, depending on where you happen to be reading this. The local team can all but have secured promotion back into the top flight after what seemed like an eternity in the wilderness of the second. But does that get the man who sat next to me excited?
“I don’t begrudge them it, and a city this size demands a team in the first division. On top of that, there’s the enormity of the club’s debt. But football? Count me out.”
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not such a huge fan of the Beautiful Game myself. However, I do know who’s playing and in which league. Non-essential information in the greater scheme of things to be sure, but information nevertheless.
So what did spark my conversation partner’s interest?
He liked good theatre, and he spoke with a passion and an alacrity about a recent performance he’d seen which made me want to see it too.
What else, besides football, didn’t he like?
When I found out he worked but a few short streets away from the theatre, I asked him what his line was. The way he said “Insurance” suggested it wasn’t something he’d necessarily leave his landing light on for. The quiet dissatisfaction with your gainful employment – another immutable trait.