Two Brothers and Another

The brothers talked politics. Incessantly. And not just any old politics either, but local politics – local to their Canadian hometown. No sooner would one brother drop the name of someone in the mayor’s office than the other would pick it up and run with it. Listening to them, I couldn’t help but feel envy. What I wouldn’t have given to have grown up with someone to talk about local politics to – or absolutely anything, come to that.

Though the brothers were completely self-contained, they weren’t travelling alone. A third resident of their hometown was with them. He looked like a local politician himself. Regardless of how dusty the South American roads roads got, he’d descend from the back of an open pickup truck as clean and well-pressed as when he’d got on.

What with the brothers and the other, I made a vow to myself to get to Canada some day. One way or another, it seemed to have a lot going for it.