The Guest

“So where do you know the Birthday Girl from? Yoga?”

Given that the Birthday Girl was a yoga teacher and most of the other guests seemed to be in one of her classes or another, this wasn’t such a wild guess.

“I do do yoga,” the woman standing next to me at the sink said. “But with another teacher.”

“And you were still invited to her party?” I asked.

“Either you’re in one of her yoga classes, or you drink with her,” she said. “I do the latter.”

I understood and handed her the plate I’d just rinsed.

As I neither do yoga nor drink, you might be wondering what I was doing at the party. And, no, I hadn’t been invited to do the washing-up. Some friendships exist outside the norm. As far as I know, when it comes to this particular Birthday Girl, I’m in a set all my own.