What’s in Store?

A man opened a shop. Every day, people would come into the shop and look around at the empty shelves. “What are you selling?” the people wanted to know.

“What does it look like?” countered the man.

“It looks like nothing!”

“Then that’s what I’m selling. Want to buy some?”

The people left the shop laughing and shaking their heads. “That man is crazy,” they said.

One day, a little girl came into the shop. “Silver and gold!” She shouted. “Diamonds and pearls!”

“Want to buy some?” asked the man.

“Yes, but I don’t have any money,” said the girl sadly.

“In that case, you can have it all free of charge.”

The girl gathered up as much silver and gold, and as many diamonds and pearls as she could carry. After she’d left, the man looked around the shop and smiled, for now it was twice as empty as it’d been before the girl came in.