Today has been a day
You wish would never end.
Well, warm congratulations!
That’s how it is, my friend.
Whatever’s now is now
And ours forevermore.
You feel these good vibrations
Move you to the core.
But there’s no point pretending
That it’s always so.
For every happy ending,
A thousand bring you low.

You’re getting sick and tired
Of sitting on the shelf.
You’ve always been a fighter
But fought against yourself.
You’d like to shake it off
And do as others do.
The noose is drawing tighter.
That’s what’s killing you.
Your life’s all shot to pieces,
And you can’t go on,
Leaving you to eat the faeces
Of a dying swan.

You’re living on your own.
It’s not much of a life.
You’re staring at tomorrow,
Reflected in the knife.
You’ve had a “little drink” –
Enough to fill ten throats.
You thought to drown your sorrow
But found out sorrow floats.
You’re feeling weak and weary,
Keeping wolves at bay.
Your future’s dark and dreary,
Well, what about today?

Let’s go out for a walk,
Just you and me and God.
We’ll shake hands with creation
And tread where angels trod.
And, when we’ve seen the world
And all it’s got to show,
That’s it for education.
That’s all there is to know.
So let the light inside you
Push the clouds apart.
Although your thoughts deride you,
Open up your heart.
Just open up your heart.
Open up your heart
And start today.

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