That Blazing Light You See

That blazing light you see
Is the source of life in me –
That godly thing/no-thing
From which all life forms spring.
I know you don’t agree;
That’s why you laugh at me.
With what you’ve got to lose,
It’s better to amuse
Yourself and everyone
Than emulate the sun.

I used to be like you…
Well, that’s not strictly true.
Although my light was off,
I didn’t need to scoff.
I kept my tongue on hold
And watched each day unfold
But stumbled in the dark,
Unconscious of life’s spark.

That’s how I reached a place
Cut off from easy grace.
With nowhere else to hide,
I took a look inside.
The vision that I saw
Inspired the utmost awe:
A fierce, unclouded sun!
The long-lost Golden One!
It burnt with red-hot rays
Like fire in former days,
And every tongue of flame
Extolled the nameless name.

And now I’m one with life,
With no more inner strife.
No more am I forlorn;
Each day, I’m newly born.
So laugh if laugh you must.
Your scorn won’t shake my trust
That something this sublime
Shall stand the test of time.
Just know, the more you do,
The less it does for you.
My light shall not decline
But shine, shine, shine, shine, shine.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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