Oh, to look through the eyes of a dog!
To see the world as a canine does!
And not to have to always hear
The incessant chatter of the human mind,
Evaluating this,
Evaluating that,
To no greater purpose
Than its own aggrandisement;
Yes, that’d be the best of all,
If only for a day.

As appealing as the prospect appears,
There’s no return to the preconscious state;
Adam and Eve put paid to that.
In eating of the fruit of the Tree
Of Knowledge of Good and Evil,
They closed the door on the Golden Age
And were cast out of Eden as a result –
Not, it should be noted,
As a punishment –
God isn’t vindictive –
But as a safeguard.

Had they been allowed to stay
In the Garden,
Such was their curiosity
They would have surely eaten of the fruit
Of the Tree of Life.
In so doing, they would have condemned themselves
To remain in their fallen state
In perpetuity.
As it was, God,
In his boundless Mercy,
Granted them not only mortality,
So that their misery could have an end,
But also fertility,
So that, in due course, their progeny
Might find redemption
In that consciousness
Becomes conscious of itself –
Something which can never happen
When looking at the world
Through the eyes of a dog.

Photo by Ryan Walton on Unsplash

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