Hello, Ego.
Long time, no see.
I thought I’d seen the last of you;
That is, the last of “me”.

I thought that, when you went away,
You must have had your fun.
I didn’t think I’d understand
My part in what you’d done.

A fool, I gave you every chance
To rearrange my head,
But, seeing as you’re who you are,
You fucked me up, instead.

You made me think I’m make-believe
And you’re the one who’s true.
It wasn’t till left all alone
I saw what makes you you.

You’re nothing but a sorry set
Of random thoughts gone bad.
To think I paid you any mind!
I must have been quite mad.

But, now I’ve built myself back up,
You’ve come to stake your claim.
It’s nice of you to pay a call,
But no, thanks all the same.

Too much has passed between us two –
Too much or not enough –
But I, for one, have no desire
To listen to your guff.

I’m better off without your talk,
Contrived to lead astray.
And so, before I kick you out,
You’d best be on your way.

And don’t go thinking you’ll return,
Not even on the sly.
Just find yourself another fool
And let this be goodbye.

Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras on Unsplash

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