The Call

Come on a journey;
We won’t be long –
Less than a second.
Now, what could go wrong?

We’ll scale every mountain
And fly through the sky
And lie in each hollow
Where still waters lie.

We’ll follow the rivers,
Pass deserts and seas
And visit each flower
As if we were bees.

We’ll cherish the mushroom
And watercress, too,
And feast on great droplets
Of sweet manna dew.

We’ll greet all those lying
In cradles and graves
And catch us some shut-eye
In mansions and caves.

We’ll meet the enlightened
And those who are not
And see that the difference
Is no stroke or dot.

We’ll break bread with Jesus,
Pay Krishna a call
And sit down with Buddha
In no time at all.

We’ll learn all our letters
And right every wrong.
Come on a journey;
We won’t be gone long.

Photo by Daniel Burka on Unsplash

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