Love, more than a feeling.
And, love, more than a word.
Love, no walls and ceiling.
And, love, free as a bird.
Love, all-revealing.
Oh, love, never blurred.
Love, spiritual healing.
And, love, always preferred.

Love, only love, knows what’s what.
Love, only love, like it or not.

Love, first of professions.
And, love, noble and just.
Love, pardons transgressions.
And, love puts paid to lust.
Love, no concessions.
Oh, love doesn’t rust.
Love, more than possessions.
And, love, one you can trust.

Love, only love, foils each plot.
Love, only love, one for the pot.

It’s only love that breaks your heart.
It’s only love tears us apart.

Love, stronger than horses.
And, love, bringer of light.
Love, source of all sources
And, love, high as a kite.
Love never forces.
Oh, love doesn’t bite.
Love, wisest of courses.
Oh, love, be mine tonight.

Love, only love, stops the rot.
Love, only love, hits the spot.
Love, only love, warm, cold or hot.
Love, only love, that’s all we’ve got.

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