Too Much, Too Soon?

From a psychological point of view, it can be a real mistake to chit-chat about a new project too early. All that blather literally talks that young notion to death. Looked at another way, discussing a fresh assignment ticks the box next to it labelled “Done”. The mind then wanders off to pastures new. Rest in peace, New Venture!

To combat this predilection of the mind to lay my brainchildren into early graves, I prefer to do a whole lotta writin’ before saying anything to anyone about what I’m working on. By doing that, I up my commitment to the tender concept before word of it gets out. When people do finally get wind of it, I already have an appreciable amount of work done. That way, it can be a lot harder to refute the project’s feasibility.

Another advantage of this method is that some ideas are better than others. By working exclusively “undercover”, those others usually pass unhindered and unsung from the face of the earth – an arrangement which benefits both writer and reader alike.

That’s why I’m only now prepared to introduce what I’m calling “Project 2016 – 03” to the public. I’ve completed the first draft; and, let me tell you, it’s as ugly as first drafts get! Having said that, though, I know where the piece is going. Of course, I do! I’ve been working on it for months, haven’t I?

Photo credit: #visualpoetry via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND