And, ever since your lightning struck,
I haven’t been the same;
Despite the fact I’m out of luck,
I always…


Throughout my life, I’ve sought to be
As upright as the sun at noon,
But something must be wrong with me;
I take…


Throughout my life, I’ve chipped away
At sheer, unyielding rock,
But, though I’ve worked both night and day,
It’s still…


The tea is good and hot
And complements the milk –
As if I’ve got a pot
Of lovely…


It hasn’t rained in days;
The garden’s getting dry.
And yet, for all I gaze,
No clouds…


So much of you has stayed with me
Despite the fact we’ve parted;
It’s hard to feel much misery
Although I’m…


And what I thought was true romance
The universe had sent
Was nothing but a whim of chance
Which just…


When love becomes a one-way street,
Can it still be said
To be a love which is complete
Or one…


And so I drink another cup
Of Scottish Breakfast tea
And know the moon is coming up –
Or very…

Acceptance (2)

I’m sad to say I’ve loved too much
And now must pay the price
Of longing for a human’s touch
To enter…