And, when I speak, I speak too fast
And waste no time at all,
As if intent on getting past
Some adamantine…

Rain (2)

I wake up to the sound of rain –
No better one than that.
It soothes my tired and aching brain
With every…

A Hair

In one of my old kitchen drawers,
I found a long, brown hair
And knew at once that it was yours;
It must…


And, when I think, I think of you –
And what good times we had! –
And think of all our troubles, too,
And how…

Resting in Being

And, when I rest in being,
I feel the warmth of you
And find myself agreeing
With everything…


And, ever since your lightning struck,
I haven’t been the same;
Despite the fact I’m out of luck,
I always…


Throughout my life, I’ve sought to be
As upright as the sun at noon,
But something must be wrong with me;
I take…


Throughout my life, I’ve chipped away
At sheer, unyielding rock,
But, though I’ve worked both night and day,
It’s still…


The tea is good and hot
And complements the milk –
As if I’ve got a pot
Of lovely…


It hasn’t rained in days;
The garden’s getting dry.
And yet, for all I gaze,
No clouds…