The Commuter 

“An hour a day, one way.”
And that over a length of a decade.
The period of time some people will spend on the road in order to juggle their personal and professional lives blows the mind.
Ten years before, love had enticed my conversation partner away from his beloved small city and into the rural tract of land stuck in the northern slopes of the Alps like an axe. But nothing could tempt him away from his insurance job there. I didn’t get the impression that his position was so rare that he couldn’t fill a similar slot in a town closer to his chosen domicile. It was more the effort of learning the new structures that put him off.
Questions upon questions piled up in my brain. Unfortunately, time – and the too-loud music – was against us. The situation wasn’t helped by the fact that we got talking about German Rail. As so often in life, the pet hate of the nation hogged the conversation till it was time to go. For a commuter, though, I suppose that’s only natural.