The Hobby Photographer 

Returning to the car, I noticed him – a man in a blue suit crouching over a bush. Of course I’d noticed the bush on the way to the shop. It was a metre-tall work of nature completely covered in what looked like spider webs.
“What is that?” I asked the crouching man.
On closer inspection, it was possible to see that the bush was literally writhing with caterpillars.
“The larvae of the ermine moth,” the suited man said. “And I’ve forgotten my camera.”
Not to be daunted, however, he was taking pictures with his phone.
“See how the evening light shines through the webs?”
He showed me the screen of his phone. It was indeed a remarkable picture. I studied the bush itself. It didn’t have half the effect on me as the picture had. I suppose that’s life for you. It takes in the whole at the expense of the part. Art, on the other hand, works the other way round.
Not that the photographer was an artist. He was a corporate representative for a health insurance company. His job took him to every part of the area. During his breaks, he was always very snap-happy. Despite his passion for his hobby, he was also a consummate rep.
“I trust you’re with the right health insurance company?”
When I told him which organization I entrusted my coverage in the event of injury to, he winced. That may have been his reaction when he’d discovered he’d forgotten his camera.