I’ve always been enlightened;
There’s no way not to be.
My senses have been heightened
Since I became this me.

It’s just that, in the madness
Of this lifetime’s course,
I turned my back on gladness
And lost sight of the Source.

I wandered in the darkness,
Tripped on a stone and fell.
And life took on the starkness
Of the lowest hell.

I was separated –
Cut off from the All –
And, feeling devastated,
I scorned life’s every call.

I might have gone on living
Like that for all my days
And thought life unforgiving
And nothing I should praise.

Yet, somehow, in the wideness
Of the deepest night,
I found my open-eyedness
And caught sight of a light.

Though just the faintest shimmer –
A nothing to behold –
Soon, each thing was aglimmer
With rays of burnished gold.

And I was not neglected;
I shone like any sun.
What’s more, my light reflected
In each and every one.

And that’s the truth of being:
It’s heaven here on Earth,
And we become all-seeing
The day life gives us birth.

So, even if you’re fighting
Against your mortal foe,
Just know that that’s life lighting
The way for you to go.

You’ve always been enlightened;
There’s no way not to be.
So don’t feel sad or frightened;
Just close your eyes and see.

Photo by Iva Rajović on Unsplash

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