I’ve never seen
A greener green
Than this one on this bough.
Shot through with light
And gleaming bright,
It brings me back to now.

I stand and stare
And breathe the air
The forest’s just breathed out.
Thus, every tree
Is part of me,
As I am them, no doubt.

And, seeing this,
I feel such bliss;
My heart bursts into song.
It makes me glad
To know I’ve had
This in me all along.

Just then a breeze
Weaves through the trees
To kiss me on the brow,
As if to say,
“Now go your way.
There’ll always be a now.”

That gives me heart,
And I depart
Across the forest floor.
The way is made
Of light and shade.
Now who could want for more?

So sweet the sound,
The words rebound,
“Now who could want for more?”
“Now who could want for more?”
“Now who could want for more?”

Photo by Ash from Modern Afflatus on Unsplash

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