Success is like a game we play
That’s never out of trend.
We sit and hope to win the day
Before we…


“What shall I do?” the ego asks
And wonders night and day
About a thousand varied tasks
To pass…


I look with sorrow at my life,
On which the lights have dimmed.
Without my lover, friend and wife,
I feel…

Consciousness (2)

And all the things that man thinks up
To pass the time of day –
Each office, goal and golden cup –
Shall quickly…


And, though I often think about you
And what you meant to me,
I know I’m better off without you
And need…


So now our love has run its course;
There’s nothing left to say.
On top of which, my throat is hoarse
From begging…


And, when my effort’s nothing worth
And all intentions run awry,
I sit and curse my day of birth
And see…

Commitment (2)

As long as you’re not wholly sure
That I’m the one for you,
Leave open every single door
To aid…


So this is how the story ends:
There’s nothing left to say.
I’d hoped that we could still be friends
And not…


I would have shared the news with you –
A stork upon its nest!
But you’d have made out that you knew
Or given…